Monday, January 7, 2008

Boomers in Xer Bodies

I watched the show Cashmere Mafia with great anticipation yesterday - followed by extreme disappointment. The 30-something Xer women portrayed in the show aren't Xers at all -they are acting like Boomerettes.

What was I hoping for? Frankly, a tamed-down Sex and the City. Both shows have the same producer. The difference is that although at times over-the-top, the Sex and the City gals did focus on what was important - their lives. These Cashmere Mafia women are career above all else. Yuck.

It's common for Boomers to think ALL women want the ultimate career success and are willing to pay the ultimate price. An article from Newsweek represents the successful woman as all work and no play. But in response, blogger Penelope Trunk says that Gen X women don't want that life.

I agree. And for that matter, I think Gen X men don't want to be slaves to their jobs, either. Quality of life is what's important.

The thing about Cashmere Mafia is that if the show were about four SINGLE working women, I probably wouldn't have had such a problem with it. However, as a working mother and wife I am offended that the Mafia women would sacrifice their families for some job - no matter what that job is.

The 1980s are over. Someone should tell that to ABC-TV.


Anonymous said...

The Boomers and Gen Y have more in common than Gen Y would ever... EVERY admit. The Yers I know want their lives, but also have a constant need for stimulation. They are unable or unwilling to just sit down, relax and listen to the sound of nothing. The difference between Y and Boomers is that Boomers fill the empty time with work and Yers fill it with exercise, games, technology, entertainment, etc.

Anonymous said...

For someone only 8 years younger than the lagging end of the baby boomer generation, you sure seem to have a weird attitude toward