Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gen X fashion style not worth mentioning

Generation X has been ignored...AGAIN.

This time it's for our keen fashion sense.

A recent article in Business Week discusses the conflict going on in the workforce today between the pantsuit-loving Boomer women and the "if you got it, flaunt it" Millennials. No one seemed to notice that Gen X women are masters of work dress - and they don't have to shop in the men's department to do it.

What annoyed me about this article was not its rant against young women wearing revealing clothes to the office (trust me, I don't want to look at anyone's butt crack either) - nor its suggestion that "butchier is better" (hey, if it works for you go for it). It bugged me that the assumption was that there are only two generations out there in the workforce.

Don't Xers get offended by flip flops? Well, maybe not so much. I ask myself, do I really care if you want to look like an idiot? I guess that goes back to the Generation X "mind your own business" attitude. I doubt an Xer would even take the time to evaluate someone else's clothing style when there's still work to get done.


Kristina said...

Well, exactly. Unless I'm the boss and the employee in question is embarassing the company in public with his/her attire ... it's not my problem.

One certainly can wear feminine and professional clothing in the workplace...

Of course, those of us who work at home have it easiest! I'm wearing denim shorts and a striped pink cotton top. Barefoot, too. And I ran out of time to style my hair.

Mo Morrissey said...

It will be rather interesting to me to see what the Millenial fashion is when the "If you've got it, flaunt it" group has less and less to flaunt.

Anonymous said...


This is pretty retarded. The article doesn't even try to take into account where these people work. Guess what? If I worked at an investment bank or a law firm, I would probably have to wear a suit, but since I work at a data center on the back side of no where, I wear jeans and a shirt.

Women's attire is much the same, the "operations manager at Spectrum Global Fund Administration" will probably need to dress more conservatively than the "production designer for ad agency Studio One East". I mean really.

How come in these articles are either 25 or 45?