Monday, April 13, 2009

Unfairness - it's not just for breakfast anymore

I've had a funny couple of weeks. My job is going really well - I just got back from a workshop I did in Alberta, Canada, and I met the most interesting people in my field. But at the same time, I have so many people around me who are dealing with crap in their careers - layoffs, wage cuts, the overall rewarding of mediocrity. I was where they are just two years ago. And these people are so smart, talented, and genuinely good. It just breaks my heart.

So all of this has gotten me thinking about the concept of "unfairness" - and how we deal with it from a generational perspective. It seems to me that Boomers think that they can fix it, Xers think it's a given, and Millennials are just realizing how much it happens in the workforce. Personally, I'm getting a little sick of it already - and it's a lot worse when it's happening to your friends and family. I know I feel guilty a lot lately, knowing that I found "my peeps" at work and so many others haven't. But such is life.

I've decided to do a poll. Please take it and feel free to comment on this post. What do you think about "unfairness"? Does it eat you up - or do you eat it for breakfast?


Kristina said...

I chose the "cool mist" option but honestly that only comes after some obsessing time. It *IS* a given, but fighting it usually doesn't help (that's what makes it unfair! reason isn't likely to change it). I can't get to "cool mist" right away, though.

Anonymous said...

@Kristina -- definitely, you need time to obsess. I think it's normal to do this, it helps work things out "mentally" -- because of course, if you obsessed to the people who put you in that state to begin with. . . Well. Some things call for the "cool mist" approach while others call for that "put it in the vault" mode. What goes around, comes around -- and sometimes paybacks are the best thing, especially when you aren't the one orchestrating them. Unfairness for breakfast goes down all right with a spoonful of sugar, a sliced banana, and skim milk -- all part of a balanced breakfast.

Le said...

if I am in a position to make a fuss that causes a re-think I make the fuss, if not I just let it go - choose your battles I think.

Also liked your words on P Trunks lastes free for all - nice work - truthful and sightful - cheers le