Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yada yada yada - Do Xers have a secret language?

A lot of Gen Xers don't engage in discussions where the other person has the polar opposite opinion. They roll their eyes because they're pretty sure the conversation would be a waste of energy. And that in itself is a uniquely Xer thing to do. It's not read the same way by Boomers or Millennials who read it as 1) you agree with me or 2) you're totally disrespecting me. Neither which is true.

At the same time, I've noticed that Xers use a lot of slang that isn't really used by Boomers (who dropped their teenage slang when they hit adulthood) or Millennials (who have a whole new slang). Again, uniquely Xer.

So I thought it may be fun to figure out what those phrases are. I'm looking for the words that when you say them to another Xer, they know EXACTLY what you're talking about. So I'm starting the list and I'm hoping you all will make additions this weekend.

What we say: Get off my lawn
What we mean: 1) I’m old or 2) You’re old and a grouch
What we say: Dude
What we mean: Excuse me, I have something to tell you
What we say: Dude!
What we mean: Watch out!
What we say: Dude
What we mean: That was not cool
What we say: Hey dude
What we mean: Hello
What we say: You're a doofus
What we mean: You're an idiot
What we say: Whatever
What we mean: I think you’re an idiot
What we say: Don’t put baby in a corner
What we mean: You better not mess with me or my friend
What we say: Okay, Corky
What we mean: You’re acting stupid
Okay, your turn. Look forward to your responses!


Anonymous said...

Utah! Get me two!

Greengerg said...

This is a fascinating topic, Suzanne!
The "dude" stuff, definitely, but I've never heard of the phrase "Okay, Corky" (or "Utah! Get me two!") and I cannot imagine ever uttering a quote from "Dirty Dancing" with a straight face (or otherwise), haha.
I would imagine that something like slang cuts more specifically than these generations, and slang used by older Xers (I am 43) and younger ones differs to some definite degree, along with regional differences.

GenXpert said...

@Greg - "Utah" is referring to the movie Point Break and "Corky" refers to the kid from "Life Goes On" :)

Le said...

hee hee hee - we say whatever so that one is a universal gen x'er ...
will have to give it some thought and come back ... cheers le

Eric Zodik said...

History will remember us as "Generation Dude"... which is gender neutral btw... but hopefully I don't have to explain this.

On a semi-related topic... I had to explain to my Boomer Uncle why a "Teabagging Party" is funny... those guys shoulda checked out "Urban Dictionary" b4 they named that.

we also a more "urban generation" ... many of the white kids can have actual fluent conversations with black people (as opposed to a bunch of pretentious ideas about how they should live.)

EGWBT Inc. said...

Very funny, I just re-use old boomer slang like "groovy".