Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gen Xer discovers relaxation and beer in the woods

I will be heading up north soon, however, I didn't want to leave my loyal readers hanging. If you follow my Twitter feed, you probably know I've recently seen White Snake in concert and I'm now in love with David Coverdale (sorry Jeff).

So I figured I'd do a poll. Who's your favorite front man?


Jennifer K said...

Well, to be honest my fave front man is Bono, but he wasn't one of the choices. So I picked Jon Bon Jovi. He's cute, seems like a nice guy, and we share a birthdate.

GenXpert said...

I appear to be the only vote for my David so far. He's all mine, I guess :)

Kristina said...

David's face always looked sort of weirdly craggy to me...like he was carved out of something.

I'm a Bon Jovi girl, myself... Let it rock! Let it roll!

J- said...


Hair metal sucks, let it die. Which means the correct choice is Lemmy.

Unless you just like the silly double entendres about "slide it in" or "is this love"? No, it's not love. Even two Jaguars can't make it love.

GenXpert said...

@Kristina - I felt the same way until I saw him live. It totally changed my thoughts on him.

Q - Who would win in a fight, Lemmy or God?
A- Trick question, Lemmy is God.

Regarding hair metal - it won't die. All that hairspray and artificial fabric doesn't decompose. Plus, as an old broad, I'll take a double entendre to all-out suck it, lick it, suck it again crap that's come since (or the depression music - "oh, my life is so hard. I've had such a hard life. I'm so depressed.")

Unknown said...

I'm coming in rather late to this thread, but I didn't like any of the choices. Mostly because I hated (and still do) any and all metal music (hair, heavy and death). I have to go with Jennifer K and say Bono. And I'm crushing on Billi Joe Armstrong these days.

juvenal said...

Tell me about it. And I'm not even a gen exers. I never could get into the whole grunge thing either.