Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who delegates the best?

So I came across this blog that was discussing delegating - and said that the Boomers are the "masters" of delegating. This has not been my experience, but then again, it is possible that my experience is unique. A lot of the Boomers I've worked with have had a hard time letting go of things, because they want the process to be a certain way and - even if you come to desired result.

While I'm writing this, the blogger in question has not yet chimed in on how Xers and Millennials delegate, but I'm assuming she will say that we're not as good as the Boomers (which is fine for her to say, because blogs are about our opinions).

My experience, however, has been that Xers are willing to let go of tasks, but don't always give enough direction to those they're delegating to (unless it's another Xer). That's because, as my husband would say, the Xer mantra is "f*$#ing figure it out." My experience with Millennials (which has been mostly in the classroom as an instructor) is that they're great at delegating and dividing up the work, because they've spent so much of their youth working in teams.

But, again, I don't have any empirical data on any of this. So I figured that I ask you all. Below is a poll. Feel free to comment, too, if you like.


Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

i wasn't aware gen x had anything to delegate. we're doing all the boomers' work and there's nobody down the chain. hahahahaha! great post, suzanne. i always love your stuff.

J- said...

I agree w/ Jen.

Boomers and Jonesers are the best delegators, as in they delegate everything they can out to as many people as that can so they do as little as they can.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely have to agree with Jeff and say I delegate and explain well to an extent, after that I expect someone will figure it out.

associationforecast said...

I have to agree with you. Boomers? Best at delegation?

It has been my experience that they waffle, analyze, deliberate, seek input, dismiss input, "frame," focus group, examine, prioritize, delegate, watch, hover, schedule meeting after meeting after meeting, take it back when it's just about done, waffle again, then execute JUST as the situation turns so the action is too late and meaningless and take credit anyway for being "inclusive."

But, I'm an Xer so what do I know?


David M. said...

In my experience those who may be considered Baby Boomers are best at delegating. Personally, I've rarely been in positions where I could delegate or parcel out work assignments. However, I'm of the "get it done right, do it yourself" mentality, and am not inclined to ask for help unless it's absolutely necessary.

Anonymous said...
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