Monday, July 23, 2007

Who is out of touch?

A recent post to the Ypulse blog discusses the pros and cons of accessing networking sites such as FaceBook while at work:

Last week I spoke with a group of association executives. There was a lot of frustration over the work habits of Generation Y. The group, made up mostly of Gen Xers and Boomers, said it was a challenge to get Gen Y workers to do what was expected. The fact of the matter is, Gen Y is less likely to have the same assumptions as older workers and they often do need things spelled out for them (i.e. casual Friday means something a lot different to Gen Y and if you don't want them wearing flip flops to work you need to let them know).

But here's the question - who really is out of touch? My theory is that Gen Y is leading the workforce changes. However, they still are very young. For Gen Y, I believe the bravado of being 25 will be replaced by the humility of being 35. And yet, they will still have the technical savvy they do now. Gen Y will make a huge contribution once they do what all of us had to - grow up a little.

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