Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gen Xers redefine fatherhood

Although not a fan of the automobile - and a staunch advocate of light rail - I find it ironic that a car company can seem to get a grasp on what Gen X men are like.

Gen Xers - men and women alike - are often misread, misinterpreted, and misrepresented in the media. However, this article out of Ontario offers some great insight - from the perspective of an automotive company.

Here's an excerpt from the article which was posted to:

"Insecurity at youth spawned a need for security and strong relationships as the men in the group enter marriage and fatherhood, said Amy Casey in Nissan's planning group.

Not quite ready to grow up as they grow older and certainly not ready for a minivan, Casey learned that some of these men don't want to be seen as just a dad or just a husband.

"They are the stealth dad," she said. They are youthful and edgy to the world, nurturing and caring at home. And he likes his flat-screen TV, communication devices, quality athletic gear, gadgets and cooking utensils, all of which he embraced before fatherhood.

What I find really interesting here is that Gen X dads seem to be a lot like Gen X moms. We're holding on to our identities, while still focusing on parenting. Parenting is our most important job, but not our only one.

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Anonymous said...

Most of that article seems like exactly what my conservative parents were like before they had us back in the late 60's. My dad was into trap and skeet, bowling and softball and he kept that up after we were born. He even had a nice sports car. He wasn't escaping anything, he was just not an old man yet. At 38 with two kids, I feel the same way in 2007.

That said, their research is likely accurate. It's just presented as if the Xer men are the first generation to have these issues.