Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gen Xers and Retirement

I wrote recently that my husband and I want to go to a retirement village when we are old, listen to some Motley Crue, and party with our friends. According to a new study, we may not have the money to do so.

Hopefully, we will be part of the 14% of Gen Xers who are cautious savers and will have the money to do so. Maybe we can find a retirement village with WiFi access so we can continue to telecommute between shuffleboard and potluck lunches.

Thank you to Laurie at Team Building Is For Suckers for the link.

By the way, if you haven't checked out Laurie's site, do so today. It lives up to it's title.


Anonymous said...

As GenXers, my husband and I have already given in to the truth that when we reach appropriate age, there will be 0 social security $$ left for us. So, if you make it there, we will NOT be your neighbors at the retirement village. I think everyone in our age bracket needs to be proactive and take on the ownership to save enough to fully support themselves upon retirement-- nobody else is going to. And think of the crisis that we will have on our hands when there will be millions of GenXers who have not done such planning and will be out on the street.

Anonymous said...

You'll love this...

My mother, a boomer, is 20 years older than I. I recently joked with her that we would be in a home together. She turned to me and questioned what I meant. I said, well, here you are, taking care of your health, thinking 60 is the new 30... And me, approaching 40, am thinking I might like to live in a retirement community. So, at 95 and 75 respectively, we could be there together!

She was mad at me. I don't think it was the thought of being with me, I think it was the idea of EVER being in a home for ANY reason!

Seriously though... free time, food service, WiFi and cable? what else does one need?