Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you a Boomer or Xer?

  1. If you prefer fat, Karate chopping, jumpsuit wearing, peanut butter and banana sandwich eating Elvis to the slim, cute Elvis in Viva Las Vegas, you are an Xer.
  2. If you think the Beatles did great work writing songs for sneaker commercials, you are an Xer.

  3. If you know how to use Aqua Net and a blow dryer to create mall hair, you are an Xer.

  4. If you have taught your 5-year-old child how to Head Bang, you are an Xer.

  5. If you are willing to pay a babysitter any rate she demands so you can make opening weekend anytime a Will Ferrell movie opens, you are an Xer.

  6. If you think 60 is the new 30, you are a Boomer.

  7. If you really think the Beatles are the best rock group of all time, you are a Boomer.

  8. If you think Mick Jagger looks pretty good for his age, you are a Boomer.

  9. If you plan, schedule, or suggest a meeting be held, you are a Boomer.

  10. If you like office pot lucks, cookie exchanges, Secret Santas, team building retreats, or any “icebreaker” game that requires you to work with your colleagues for 45 minutes to create a star or other shape out of rope, you are a Boomer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the memories and laughs! You nailed it! Just fabulous!!!

JK said...

I love the fat Elvis. Let it all hang out, baby.

Kristina said...

Love it! Though I have a Boomer-ish affinity for skinny E.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think the ice breaker thing is a boomer thing? I beg to differ...I think the Xers came up with that just to annoy the boomers. WE HATE ICE BREAKERS.

GenXpert said...

It's kind of late response, but to dkzody:

I don't think Xers invented ice breakers to annoy Boomers. Too many Boomers like 'em, sorry.

We did invent hair metal, grunge music, and the sarcastic eye roll to annoy Boomers, though. So, you are correct that we like to annoy Boomers :)