Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twitter is the new solitaire

I admit it. I’m now a little bit addicted to Twitter. I can’t stop reading the updates from the people I’m following. I can’t stop posting pithy things about what I’m doing at this exact minute. I just can’t stop. If I didn't telecommute and still worked in a maze a cubicles this would be even better than solitaire in terms of passing time and looking busy.

The cool thing about the evolution of media that is going on is that you don’t really know where it’s going to go. I think back 10 years ago when I was working for a PBS affiliate. We worked in the media and we weren’t sure what digital television was going to evolve into. We’d go to conferences and they’d tell us that in the near future we’d all be sitting in front of a television with a computer mouse so we could click on Jerry Seinfeld’s shirt if we wanted to buy it.

And now we have Web 2.0. When I first heard about it through my work, I admit I had to look it up. And now I’m blogging like a fool, networking, making friends.

So this Twitter. Right now it’s just a little hobby of mine. I’m even putting my updates on my blog (learned from the Brazen Careerist bloggers that you need to personalize what you write, you know.) And I like it, because it’s totally a pull communication at this point. Nobody’s shooting me messages I don’t want. But where’s it going? Can’t wait to see.


Mo Morrissey said...

I'm completely geeked on Twitter. First I found out I could tweet from my cell phone, then I realized I could post the tweets to my blog site...I'll be sitting in traffic and a thought will hit me...seconds later the rest of the world could read it.

This is just a little scary - It's scary enough living with those thoughts in my head, and now I can instantaneously share them with everyone else. I mean, who wants to know about my jones for potato chips on my way to work?

Kristina said...

I like Twitter, too. Before I discovered it, I'd been doing nearly the same thing by changing my Facebook status. I'm glad I don't get tweets on my cell via text message, though. I think that would be a bit overwhelming.

Who would have thought microblogging could be fun? But it's a challenge to be witty and informative in 140 characters.

Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of twitter and used it when I blogged anonymously. Then I wondered if it was a little too narcissistic so I dropped it.

Now, like an addict, I'm back with a vengeance. I just wish Twitter had a spell check, yo.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne introduced me to Twitter. I had never heard of it. I now find it very entertaining. I love that it is basic and not like Facebook or MySpace w/in depth "profiles" and photos and do you really care what my favorite song or color is?

My techy friends are "too busy" for Twitter so I am alone out there except for Suzanne who might just follow me for pity but she's the best for not telling me so.

I guess you are never too old to make cyber friends and I need to venture out and give it a try even. ~MCC