Monday, July 28, 2008

Anyone else bored with the Boomer/Millennial love fest?

There seems to be an awful lot written recently about how great the Boomer/Millennial relationship is. How they work together. How they will do it all, because (if we're even mentioned), Gen X is sooooo small.

I think this is a bunch of crap and it makes me not want to read blogs.

Here's the thing, it doesn't matter if Gen X is small. We still invented Google,, and Grunge rock.

Gen X is small, but it doesn't mean you don't need those workers ages 29-44.

Gen X is small, but we are still responsible for the most recent baby boom (what, you thought the parents of all those babies being born now are 55-year-old boomers? Not.)

So here's the thing I'm wondering - what's annoying you lately?


Anonymous said...

Things that annoy me….

1) Boomers that complain about how their back aches and they can’t seem to get to work on time, yet they can replace their deck at home by themselves and brag about it.

2) Boomers that are retiring and complain about how busy they are- Are you serious? I’m a working mom with 3 kids, get real.

3) Boomers that say things like “back in my day” it and don’t recognize the challenges we face in the technology driven workforce now. It’s not about the plow, it’s about information.

4) When boomers want to hold a “women’s recognition event” and at the event highlight how women were excluded in many activities until recently. The highlight should be the accomplishments made since they began participating not how grateful we should be we “were allowed”.

Kristina said...

Huh. I didn't realize there were so few GenXers...

Did you notice that JC Penney has a whole back to school clothing line with themed outfits relating to The Breakfast Club? Trying to hook the parents more than the kids, I guess...

Anonymous said...

What has really been bugging me is big corporations now have "Fast Track" programs for budding millenials, that weren't in place when we got out of college. So now I feel my career is in limbo, while these 20 somethings are moving up the corporate ladder.

Anonymous said...

He He,

I've started saying "back in the day"

Guess I'm getting OLD!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I help a Boomer get on Facebook every day. Ironically, it was a number of weeks ago the same Boomers openly ridiculed any sort of social networking. I think Boomers transmute crow to food faster than any generation I know- only they act like it tastes like chicken.

Every time an elevator bings, a Boomer joins Facebook.

Anonymous said...

I was sad that the #BlogHer08 convention had a "20 something" meet up and a "blogging in mid-life" meet up but no Xer meet up.

Of course, some Xers are still 29, and some are in their early 40's. Is 40's mid-life? Well, I guess if you think you will live to be 80 something it is.

I'm not super annoyed, but was kinda bummed.

Anonymous said...

I'm chuckling at these comments - chuckling at myself, actually.

I'm at the very tail end of the baby boom. For the most part, I don't even consider myself part of that generation because #1: I don't fit into its main historical era (it covers such a broad span) and #2: I, myself, often am critical of boomers.

However, I am old enough to notice this. Life is a full circle. The things I remember my parents complaining about my grandparents doing, my parents now do. The things I complained about my parents doing, I now do.

The viewpoints my children, now young adults, have and the things they do, I used to do when I was their age (back in the day:-), however, now that I've lived more, experienced more and learned, oh, so much more, I may view things differently. I suspect they may someday do the same.

Defining ourselves by era labels has become such a conventional thing, yet in the end, people are still very much the same.

Anonymous said...

Yo - I'm tired of talking about the generational differences. Seriously, today I went to get my hair done and ran into an instructor from school (I graduated on my 35th birthday less than a year ago, so she's sort of a contemporary) who is now teaching, you guessed it, a relating-to-the-different-generations class. I said all of the required things about how big generational relating is and all, but what I really wanted to do was read the gossip mags, get my brows waxed while my hair got done, and NOT TALK ABOUT THE RELATING TO DIFFERENT GENERATIONS. Seriously. I love and respect this woman, but if I could have taken my hair dresser up on the afternoon glass of wine and then had that conversation, I would have. Bleh.

Jennifer K said...

triplet_mom, you brought up a good point about these Fast Track programs for Millennials. Where were these programs back in the 80s and 90s? Even today boomer bosses don't seem to care about our accomplishments, skills and goals. Yet, they totally salivate over some pig tail wearing airhead who can't communicate beyond a text message and thinks she should be making a six figure income even though she hasn't proved herself. No wonder work is just a place for me to make money, and I get true fulfillment from my DIY projects.

Anyway, my fellow X-ers I hightly recommend the book "X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking" by Jeff Gordinier. I wrote a review at my blog. Enjoy!