Monday, September 15, 2008

Boomers versus Xers

You already know who wins!


Kristina said...

Lewis Black might just be my favorite Boomer!

Anonymous said...

I like the video and agree that Lewis Black is funny. But on the Baby Boomer Examiner's post with this video he makes a very strange statement. He says..."Comedian Lewis Black takes on his own generation -- Baby Boomers -- and THEIR CHILDREN -- Gen Xers -- tonight on Comedy Central." Emphasis mine.

Gen X as the CHILDREN of Boomers? I guess from a strict definition of generations you could argue that. But it just doesn't fit with reality. Anecdotally the Baby Boomers' children are Gen Y. Which when you think about it that way explains so much. But is this a case where popular culture is wrong and statistically Gen X really are the children of Boomers?