Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Does Hollywood misrepresent today's teen vampires?

So I rented Lost Boys 2. Couldn't help myself. When I was in high school I was in love with Jason Patric in the original.

Here's the thing. Yes, the original film was campy. And some of the jokes were goofy. But it had a point: Teens searching for family/father figure find it by becoming vampires - and head vampire is searching for mother for his "boys."

Lost Boys 2 is about teens who want to get laid. They become vampires so they can continue to get laid.

I think Gen Y is so often portrayed as sex addicts. The music marketed to them is all about getting booty. Television shows have them hooking up all the time - and going all the way. Shoot, even MTV's The Real World - which was very issue-oriented when I was in my 20s, especially season 3 with Pedro Zamora - has become a vehicle for watching drunken orgies.

I don't think Gen Y is like that. I'm around a lot of this cohort as an adjunct professor. But what is shocking to me is that how often they are not bothered by this portrayal of their generation.


Kristina said...

Maybe there's no stigma left in Gen Y for sleeping around?

Anonymous said...

Every generation has its "get laid" movies. Even "The Breakfast Club", though it may have been more subtle about it, had that relationship thing going on. And don't forget all the slasher movies. Just *what* were all those kids doing before the knife came down? Oh- just trying to get laid. Maybe the message was, "quit trying to get laid and Freddy won't get you." Porkys, Animal House (slightly before my time), Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Valley Girl (uh, dare we go back a few generations to "The Graduate"?) - for many teens, the movies are all about who's gonna get laid and seeing a flash of chi chi or A**. I think it's fairly normal in that teen years are when the hormones are raging - but thankfully the entirety of the film doesn't focus on the "get laid" part, it's almost incidental next to the chain saws and frat-boy hijinks.