Monday, August 11, 2008

Where have all the Boomers gone?

I made an interesting observation last week while camping - there didn't seem to be any Boomers around.

I saw lots of Xers. We were swimming with our kids during the day and drinking some brews by the campfire at night once the little ones were in bed.

I saw lots of members of the "Silent Generation" - both with and without grandkids. Man, those folks like to have fun.

But Boomers, I couldn't identify one person that was absolutely, definitely, a member of that cohort.

Then, of course, I came up with my own theory on this one. The Silents and the Xers have a lot in common. The Silents are a smaller generation that dramatically changed American society (it was this crowd that we can thank for Civil Rights, for instance - MLK was NOT a Boomer). And Xers are a smaller generation that has dramatically changed American society (the founders of Google and Amazon are not Millennials - they are Xers). And both of these generations are doers - not show boaters.

So camping makes sense, doesn't it? Low key. Lots of activities. Time to spend with your kids (or grandkids).

It does make me wonder what the Boomers are doing with their vacation time? If I know the Boomers, they're using it to get some work done.


Kristina said...

Now I've got that old song stuck in my head. "Where have all the Boomers gone, long time passing..."

Anonymous said...

The boomers have all the money and they are on cruises, they’re over camping!


JK said...

the boomers are making whoopee.
- green mullet

Anonymous said...

Boomers aren't that bad...they were out camping when they were the gen x'er age. They probably are at a resort...not on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Us Boomers are in the resort hotels, with our children and maybe our parents in separate rooms.

Anonymous said...

Some might be found on the beach...