Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What DO Gen Xers want?

Typically, when someone tells me to go read this or that article on Gen X, I do, but then I cringe. Like the time my old boss told me about this book I should read. "It's about Gen X," he said. It was actually about how nobody has manners anymore.

However, today I got an email from my friend Karen who told me to check out this month's issue of Business Week. I did - and it's great. It has a lot of stories about how different generations approach corporate America (and a great picture of Rainn Wilson on the cover).

If you want to know what Gen X wants at work, ask writer Tamera Erickson. She wrote an awesome story called: Don't Treat Them Like Baby Boomers: Generation X has a different set of values. Deal with it

Erickson writes, "Don't expect that the same approaches that worked well with a boomer workforce will work equally well with Xers. And don't assume that Xers will come to value the same things boomers did "when they grow up." Xers are grown up—and they don't think like boomers."

How true.


Mo Morrissey said...

Very true. I will definitely check this out.

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