Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gen X T-shirts: It's fun to annoy others!

I'm seriously considering buying this shirt. I love it. It says "Gen X - you know we're right."

So here are the pros:

  • It's not that expensive
  • When I run into a Boomer or a Millennial, it will probably piss them off
  • All the other Xers will think I'm cool

Here are the cons:

Well, there is really only one con: I'm afraid that crew neck will make my chi chis look humongous - and that's not a look I strive for. Plus there's the whole issue of sausage belly - if it's clingy, this could squeeze me around the middle enough to make me look like the poster girl for Krysiak House Kielbasa.

So I'm wondering if the other Xers will still think I'm cool if I look like a sausage while being irreverent.

What would you do?


Anonymous said...

good one. what do the boomer shirts say?

Sorry about that

- Green Mullet

Anonymous said...

Welllll, just do it - and wear flip flops with it to piss off the baby boomers. I will get one if you do.

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

This is my favorite one, too. I just love it.

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

Boomer shirts says: "You want my job? You're funny." I could come up with 1,000. How 'bout "I know it all" or "I'm never leaving" or "I know you want to be me."

Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

can't stop:

"I created the world" or better yet, "I am the world." My last one: "I make bitter."

Anonymous said...

I have another Boomer shirt:

When you grow up, you'll understand..... Slacker!


Le said...

hee hee - ok girls I will have to do a whole anti boomer range now ... some great ideas - my fav "I make bitter" that is SOOOOO funny - also love the slacher one too.

So maybe we need to produce this one in a V neck relaxed fit tee hey - the 'hide a multitude of sins' tee ...

best wishes le