Friday, September 12, 2008

Telecommuting: Some people just don't get it is reporting that bosses are worried that their telecommuting employees aren't working. That's inspite the fact that their work is done, on time, and at a quality level.

As a marketing director for an international association who telecommutes, I just have to roll my eyes. Here's my favorite quote from the story:

"The biggest issue I have is tracking time and knowing when he's working," said Princeton, the president of Design Management Co. "The doubt starts to happen when he has offsite meetings -- various doctor appointments or the vet. But, Princeton said, "he gets the work done. He does quality work for clients."

Isn't that precious? Are employers paying for time - or for jobs to be done? If you have an employee who can get their stuff done quickly at a quality level, what do you care if they take their dog to the vet? In fact, I walk my dog everyday at 3 p.m. - and my boss could care less, because I get my stuff done, on time, at a quality level.

Employers need to wake up. THE INDUSTRIAL AGE IS OVER. If you want to be successful in the 21st Century, you need to measure outcomes - not time put in.


Anonymous said...

What a silly, poorly written article. Maybe the reporter was playing solitaire on their computer or shopping online. I've even heard a report from a marketing executive that a lot of men spend hours on porn sites at the office... Might have been worth mentioning those things and how much time people waste in the office too on silly chit chat. One thing people at home don't do is sit and chat for 40 minutes like many people do in the office. People have all sorts of different work styles. Anyone who has a child and pays for childcare will tell you that they learned how efficient they can be at work - whether at home or in the office. And as those of who work from home and have blackberries and cell phones will attest - we are available to the office from 8am to 10pm... unlike many 9-5 office workers. Bottom line, if your results shine no one will care which computer you work from.

Carla S. said...

I agree Suzanne. Punching a clock is so over, unless your job is actually about opening a store or restaurant, or being in the office to cover the front desk. Those of us whose jobs are about delivering work, do it at our own speed. If we're lucky enough to telecommute, who cares if we're at the vet instead of our desks at 2 pm. Did we finish the report? If we did, the rest is none of your business.

Maybe that's where Gen Y has it right. Boomers are still stuck in the olden days, and us Gen Xers are only half way there.

Kristina said...

Funny to read this now, as it's 9:30 on Friday night and I'm working. But then, I haven't punched any clock lately.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

could you please land a gig saying this in the NY Times, Houston Chronicle, Daily Oklahoman, Dallas Morning News? How 'bout just go for the AP. I am sooooooooooo sick of butt-in-chair = points with the boss. DONE WITH THAT. Twiddle my thumbs ALL DAY. But, hey, I'm there. That's what counts. Extra points for doing nothing so he can do it all..................I'd rather cut off my own pinky than settle for this one more day. Did I mention I'm done with all that? Ha!

Anonymous said...

YES! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Great blog you've got here; following you on Twitter now as well!

As for telecommuting; this topic is very informative and I can relate to some of it. I am lucky that I have a boss who understands and supports my efforts to balance family and work, allows me to telecommute nearly half of the time; it's a good mix.

And here it is 10:29pm and I am still responding to a few emails from work and finishing up on a long day (from my home office tonight).

Keep up the great writing here; I'm a Generation X'er too. :-)