Friday, December 12, 2008

How dumb are you?

In light of the recent rumblings as to which is the dumbest, most underacheiving generation, I have decided to do a poll to find out the real answer.

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Anonymous said...

Neil Howe is an idiot. And yes, me making that statement based on one article is about as absurd as him saying that a low number of educational degrees equates to dumbness.

I come from a large family in a fairly small community. When I'm at reunions or other gathering places one of my favorite things to say when people are trying to remember exactly which kid I am and what I decided to do with my life is to say that I'm the least educated of the bunch because I "only" have a masters degree. Does that make me the dumbest one in my family? Or dumb compared to people outside of my family? Hardly.

But maybe Neil has given me a new line. Now I'll start introducing myself as the dumb sister because I'm part of the generation that relies on technology when I'm driving (I print directions from Google). Yeah, using technology "proves" that I'm dumb.