Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Xers are the new establishment - Not!

It seems that everywhere I look lately, there is a Gen Y blogging about how we Xers are jealous of them, are commited to the company, and the people who are crushing those great Gen Y ideas at every turn.

And I can't help but thinking - what?

Seriously. What?

Even our friends over at Brazen Careerist can be guilty of it. However, if you ask a Boomer whether Xers are like them, you will hear a resounding "Nooooooo!"

So, just for the record, Xers are not like Boomers. They're more like Ys, without all the soccer trophies. And a little bit more sarcasm. And they drive minivans (hey, we're parents now, what can I say?).

Here's my free advice to Gen Y bloggers: There are a lot of things you can rip on Xers about - our need to add our glib opinions to everything, our lack of trying to sugar-coat things so we don't hurt your feelings, our bad fashion choices in the 80s, our obsessive use of the f-word. However, we don't buy into the hierarchy either. Our cohorts are responsible for Amazon.com and Google. We're the generation of Kurt Cobain and Janeane Garafalo.


Anonymous said...

I am so totally with you. Both of the posts by Gen Y writers suck because they're making huge - and mostly inaccurate - generalizations. And then on the BC one when the writer got called on it she whined that she has to generalize to make the points she wants to make. I may be a middle aged mom who drives a minivan now but my Gen X eyes were rolling big time at that one.

I like your advice. MY advice to Gen Y bloggers - scratch that - to all bloggers - is to write what you know. Sharing your personal experiences and observations is fabulous and (speaking only for myself) why I read blogs.

Maxine from Texas said...

What the f*#@? We say the F word a lot?! Everything else you are 100% correct. I do get tired of hearing that we're holding Gen Y back and stifling their creativity.
Like Connie my Gen X eyes roll big time.