Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Icepick Cometh

For those of you looking for another Gen X voice in cyberspace, I've found a blog I really like: The Icepick Cometh. Most recently, Icepick explores how Gen Xers not only are cyncial about the world, but about themselves:

One thing that escaped me until recently (but seems rather obvious now) — our
generation’s tendency to cast the proverbial jaded eye on everything includes
casting that eye back on ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug and thanks for reading. I enjoy your blog, too.

I just checked out the AP article (via the Freep) on Rupert Murdoch that you mentioned in a post last month — count me as one of the "misguided cynics," but except for the largest of the papers (NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal), I'm increasingly worried that more and more U.S. papers will fall by the wayside, and none of them will print more than a summary version on paper. With the way most of these media corporations — Tribune, JRC, Gannett — have acted in the last two or three decades, perhaps it's not such a bad thing. Ironically, Murdoch's News Corp. might be the best of them all in many ways, if you take out his personal politics and the sleaze factor of his tabloids. Surely, News Corp. seems to be the healthiest of the big chains, no?

One of Murdoch's quotes in the article — "Too many journalists seem to take a perverse pleasure in ruminating on their pending demise" — is pretty spot on. It may not be too much of a stretch to apply that quote to us Gen X'ers, at least sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Since you were so kind to comment on one of my guest posts on Braizen, I've been following your blog. It was the GenX title that got me. I like Icepick too. My blog is not about GenX per se, but I am clearly GenX, so I thought you might want to visit. The last post is a good old late '70s recollection that you may relate too.