Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Office parties and Generation X

The number one complaint I get from Gen Xers about dealing with Boomers at work is that they don't want to get roped into ANOTHER party, cookie exchange, secret santa, or, frankly, any team building activity.

Today, one of my favorite blogs Punk Rock HR has something to add: Don't ask me to plan your stupid party, either.

Thank you Punk Rock HR for educating the masses!

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Unknown said...

1. I'm telling you this: we share a brain.

2. I don't need another cookie or ornament exchange. My mother, a baby boomer, helped me decorate my tree, this year. She asked, "Where did all these ugly ornaments come from?" D'oh! I thus created a 'donate pile' of all my work-related ornaments, which includes nothing but glitter, snowflakes, and bells.

3. An Xer friend of mine on Twitter said, "Glitter is the herpes of crafts." Just so you know, that's true. I have glitter on everything - including my sheets. I blame the cats.