Monday, October 6, 2008

Can retired Boomers compete in a Gen X lead workforce?

A new website is trying to levy support for retiring Babyboomers who want to start on their second career. The question is: Can they hack it in a Gen X lead workforce?

Xers are outcomes focused. Boomers like to talk process ... a lot. With Boomers in charge, Xers have learned to work with it. But when Boomers retire from their "first" career, it will be Xers who take their place. Is it payback time?
Frankly, Xers are different than Boomers. And Xers are never going to grow into Boomers. It will be hard for Boomers to fit into this new workplace. They may have second careers - but almost all will focus on offering some type of service to other Boomers. It's hard to imagine an Xer hiring a Boomer, when they could hire an Xer who will just get the job done.


Fred said...

Boomers are slowly learning there is more to life than work and pot luck dinners. Maybe we don't have to work 75 hour work weeks. With the invention of grandchildren in Boomer's lives we've also learned there is a family life to enjoy as well. Speaking as only 1 Boomer I am delighted to following Gen X'ers. I am tired and ready to follow in the wake of others where I don't have to "compete" all the time. Sorry but that's all the time I have to devote to this blog ... it's back to work LOL.

Maxine from Texas said...

I just had to deal with working one-on-one with a Boomer last week. He just kept talking and talking and talking about what we were going to do and how we should do it and the entire time I'm thinking "Let's just get on with doing it for Christ's sake!"