Thursday, October 2, 2008

What comes around goes around

When I was in grad school, I did my masters thesis on how to use marketing to improve your company's image among your employees. I was able to prove that if your employees think well of you, then it will improve your external image. I was working at a community college at the time, and that's where I executed the marketing plan and conducted the study.

After I completed the internal marketing effort, it was such a success that I entered for a state best practices award. I wasn't at the conference where the award was given, but my new boss - who DID NOT WORK AT THE COLLEGE WHEN I DID THIS MARKETING EFFORT - was at the conference.

The internal marketing plan won. And since my boss - the dean - was there, he thought the award was his. It sat on his desk (I left the college two years ago) until last June. That's when he was FIRED (probably for being such a schmuck).

Today, my former colleague who still works at the college presented me with my 2004 Best Practice Award. It now will sit on MY desk.
When my boss kept my award, it pissed me off. But I had forgotten about it until my friend emailed me that I could have it back. This award stealing all happened at a dark place in my career. And yet, I still plugged along and hoped for the best (while gaining 30 pounds). Today, I have my dream job, the career I'd always hoped for. I get to travel all across the U.S. talking to people about marketing. And I work with brilliant people who would never take credit for someone else's work.
Gee, I wonder where the dean is now? Probably at home - because he no longer has a job at all.


Unknown said...

This is awesome.

Kristina said...

I'd like to see a picture of this award in its new and proper home!

Anonymous said...

THAT is awesome. What a great story of Karma. Yes, post a picture of the award on your desk?
BTW, I'd love to hear that internal marketing plan...