Friday, October 3, 2008

Millennials want to be Xers!

I knew it. Millennials really just want to be Xers. Why? Because we're cooler, of course. Well, they won't actually admit it. Blogger Sarah Ewing says they're trying to pass as Xers so they can get better accounts in the advertising industry.

I'm just really glad that blogging didn't exist when I was 26. I'd hate for there to be a record of my total lack of regard for wisdom and experience at that time.


Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

Holy Mother of Jen - YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I hope when I'm 80 I don't regret my occassional tirades on the Web.

Le said...

oh wow ... I went over and read the post ... have you seen the comment by Joel - I bought it back in case no ...

Clip your post out, tuck it away in a drawer, and forget about it. After twenty or so years, take it out re-read it. In the two decades between now and that day in not-so-distant future, you will have made mistakes that you then corrected and you will have taken wrong turns but made some tight turns as well. I can almost guarantee with certainty that you will chuckle as you read the folly of your youth. You will know then what you can't know now, nothing teaches better than experience and you really do learn from your mistakes. – Joel Fosbrook | Burbank, CA

I thought this said it all !!! cheers from one ole x'er le

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.

That was hysterical. I only wish I had twittered with you!!! Thank you so much for sharing. It has renewed my faith in Gen X! We better rock this vote!!!