Friday, October 3, 2008

What do Xers REALLY think about the election?

Today there's analysis all over the web on last night's vice presidential debate. No need to analize the Gen X demographic. Just look at what my peeps (those I follow) were saying on Twitter last night. I've pasted most of the comments below. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Clearly, we're not buying what they're selling. You betcha!

rosyblue now that the debate is over, I have to eat something. from web

dbrowell Okay, thanks for bearing with my debate Tweets/Status Updates again crew... from web

dbrowell I'm not trashing Palin but it's amazing everyone praising Palin for NOT being a trainwreck; like a room full of helicopter parents #vpdebate from web

dbrowell Palin's focus was to get McCain elected... Biden spoke a bit more about the whole ticket #vpdebate from web

lruettimann Retweet @jpankow: Asking a candidate what there achilles heel is is like asking a candidate "What is your biggest weakness?" from TweetDeck

dbrowell I wish Henry Rollins would moderate a debate #vpdebate from web

lruettimann I'd like to raise my own questions and answer them in my next interview. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell Let's try it on now: "President Biden" (breath) "President Palin" how's it feel? #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current gotta charge my battery. going to listen to wolf. need to use polar bear blood to repower computer. from web

jeffkart #current that was entertaining. from web

suzannekart Sarah did okay. Still like Joe better. Is Sarah yelling? from web

lruettimann Holy crap, it's ovah. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell Can't wait for Tom Brokaw.... #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Are you up, Joe? Go Viagra! #current from web

jeffkart #current barack obama can outbake sarah palin, too. from web

suzannekart Jo Jo - you need to be tougher on Tina Fey. #current from web

dbrowell Joe's final line should be: "You'll never hear me say, 'doggone it'" #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current hmm i think biden did better. but palin did a good job on her cheat sheets. from web

suzannekart Let's over pronounce our R's. RRRRRRRRR. Oh, and let's quote Tobey Keith #current from web

dbrowell Is she gonna pull out a prayer hanky? #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current unfiltered palin makes me burp. she knows what the hurts are. like her pregnant daughter. from web

dbrowell Hey Sarah, HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE then! #vpdebate from web

lruettimann OMG, she's apologizing for her interview with Couric. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell Closing statement.... wait, she's never met Biden? #vpdebate from web

suzannekart She could be the smartest gal ever - but with that accent, she sounds like a tard. from web

dbrowell Wait- how diverse a family does she have? The whitest person in this whole election gets to trumpet diversity? #vpdebate from web

dbrowell I'll appoint and fire anyone! #vpdebate from web

dbrowell Alaska must be ths amazing, idyllic land where everyone holds hands! #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current alaska is up there. from web

suzannekart You know, it's like JR Ewing versus Tina Fey. They are both hard to look at. #current from web

jeffkart #current my laptop battery is dying. somebody drill for more oil. from web

suzannekart John McCain is against heat for cold people - okay I stole that from JK. #current from web

dbrowell Final question: Joe, why aren't you a woman? #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current john mccain is against heat for cold people. from web

dbrowell Joe uncorks on the "maverick" issue, only making us drunker. #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Highway to the Danger Zone! Yeah, Maverick. #current from web

dbrowell If you're using Lieberman and Gulliani as your biggest fans, you might... um... use, like, ANYONE else. #vpdebate from web

lruettimann "Has not been a maverick on things that matter in people's lives." #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current does she get paid for saying maverick. is she promoting a new deodorant or something? from web

suzannekart Sarah: Yeah, he's a maverick. Just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. But where's Goose. Oh, he's dead. Sorry, Mav. #current from web

dbrowell This debate gets you drunker on "maverick" than watching Top Gun #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current AWWW crying joe. awesome. beautiful. thanks sarah. follow that up beeyatch! from web

lruettimann Palin just missed that tender moment. Sad. Could have been a nice moment of bipartisanship. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell Speaking of taking shots, you guys must be sloshed with our "maverick" drinking game #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Joe: Awesome "choke" - brought a tear to my eye. #current from web

lruettimann Holy crap, Joe. You made me cry. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell America is a nation of exceptionalism? After the last two weeks of our economy? #vpdebate from web

suzannekart @mmmoran - Cheney is alive, but he's still creepy. from web in reply to mmmoran

suzannekart Hey Sarah, don't even play the parent card with Joe. His wife and daughter DIED and he raised his two boys by himself. #current from web

timmmii Christ Sarah's numbers are going to go up. She's been trained well and stupid Americans will go for her bullshit. Sorry to say. from txt

jeffkart #current wasilla! governor of a huge state! she's a mom, concerned about a soldier, special needs, and she's got GREAT LEGS from web

mmmoran Cheney still alive? from txt

lruettimann She hated that job as a regulator and flipped the corrupt republicans to get outta that job. Am I wrong? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell She asked about weakness people. "I think I'm just TOO dedicated." #vpdebate from web

lruettimann Did you know that Bartman worked for Hewitt? It's another example of how Human Resources ruins everything. #cubs from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current thats right joe. dangerous dick cheney. shootin people in the face. from web

suzannekart @jeffkart - I think Barry's a thong man. Thong tha thong thong thong. from web in reply to jeffkart

dbrowell I LOVE JOE BIDEN FOR SAYING THAT ABOUT CHENEY. (Sorry, but he had to get one major shot in this debate to go off) #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Hell ya, Joe! #current from web

jeffkart #current keep checking your notes sarah. stay on the notes. no ad libbing. from web

suzannekart You know, Sarah's convinced me. Change sucks. Let's pollute instead! #current from web

dbrowell Can we drill in that position? #vpdebate from web

dbrowell OMG Executive branch question #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current every major decision ill be sittiing in the room. boxers or briefs? from web

suzannekart Sarah: Yes, I'd take down the environment for Johnny! #current from web

jeffkart #current sarah is special from web

jeffkart #current oh special needs. ! from web

suzannekart Sarah: But what is the Bush doctrine!?! #current from web

suzannekart Palin is lame! #current from web

jeffkart #current yes. we need to support education. go out on a limb baby. from web

dbrowell Three words: "President Doggone It" #vpdebate from web

lruettimann Can we officially stop the shout-outs to third graders? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current joe biden is just like me. middle class. pumps his own gas. hangs out at home depot. wears $5,000 ties. from web

dbrowell NO SHE DID NOT SAY "Doggonit" #vpdebate from web

lruettimann Snap, we're in neighborhood wars. Throw up your signs! #vpdebate from TweetDeck

lruettimann I hate to say it, but I spend a lot of time at Home Depot, too. #vpdebate #laurierelocates from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current john mccain is having a heart attack right now. wasilla! from web

dbrowell What is the reality of Wasilla? #vpdebate from web

lruettimann Reality from Wassila, the meth capital of Alaska. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell "Team of mavericks!" We're such mavericks that we don't work alone #vpdebate (sorry, retag) from web

dbrowell "Team of mavericks!" We're such mavericks that we don't work alone! from web

lruettimann RT @SHiP: Palin doesn't support early withdrawal, um, we kind of figured that since you can't seem to stop havin' dem darn kids from TweetDeck

gregoryng If you are watching in HD you know that Biden's makeup artist should be fired. #current from twhirl

lruettimann Retweet @stelzner: I'm running out of rum for the VP drinking game #vpdebate I am drinking rum, too. Great minds! from TweetDeck

dbrowell Wait- what's the Bush Doctrine? #vpdebate from web

dbrowell Is it just me or does Sarah's deference to McCain seem a little creepy? #vpdebate from web

suzannekart There she goes! Pull out the big guns! Maybe she can quote that made-for-tv movie about McCain's time in 'Nam. #current from web

jeffkart #current dick cheney might shoot him in the face. from web

dbrowell Oh those pundits... Sarah, you better hope they DON'T. #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current john mccain was lock step with dick cheney. even worse than being with bush. from web

dbrowell Biden needs to look at her more. It's only polite. #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Is that her real accent? She's making that up. Nobody talks like that. Just in movies. Like FARGO. Cohen brothers, you out there? #current from web

lruettimann I'm actually impressed with the mere mention of Darfur. Good job, Ifill. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell "Americans are 'cravin'' that straight talk!" Just like they're cravin' the great taste of Bud Light... #vpdebate from web

lruettimann "It's so obvious that I'm a Washington outsider..." "Americans are craving straight talk." I'm not drunk enough, peeps. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current AT LEAST hes got a record sarah from web

dbrowell Yeah BOY is it obvious. #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current hes been in those camps but she can see russia from her house. from web

suzannekart "I'm suckin' down beers. This is so entertaining," Jeff Kart. #current from web

lruettimann Retweet @natthedem: Fact Checking Sarah Palin: from TweetDeck

suzannekart Palin looks like she has to pee. #current from web

dbrowell Who is in that Cylon eye piece behind them? I keep waiting for a red beam... #vpdebate from web

dbrowell Hey, how come we don't have NATO in Iraq helping us? You know, our pals? #vpdebate from web

lruettimann What? Palin is dead wrong on Afghanistan. FACTS MATTER. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

dbrowell Corri suggests we just get thos nuclear nations more maps. haha #vpdebate from web

dbrowell Gov. Palin, when is it safe to use Omega Supreme? #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Is it just me, or does Gwen look like the mom from that show Erckel was on? #current from web

jeffkart #current oh god gwen, please dont ask me about complicated stuff like nuclear weapons. she thinks nuclear weapons and power r the same. from web

suzannekart John McCain voted with George Bush 90% of the time. #current from web

dbrowell I haven't heard how "George Bush's" sounds so much like "Gerggebusses" #vpdebate from web

lruettimann Change is coming. Thank goodness. #vpdebate from web

suzannekart What's not to love about Israel? Mazel tov! #current from web

dbrowell Wait, EVERY administration has giant blunders? #vpdebate from web

jeffkart #current we both love israel. let's eat some cake. from web

dbrowell Her flag pin is bigger than yours. DEBATE OVER. #vpdebate from web

dbrowell OMG- okay, so to catch up: Paula Abdul- I mean, Sarah Palin likes the term, "straight up" #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Dodge dip duck and dodge #current from web

dbrowell I think I deserve an award for resisting the urge to text while driving & listening to #vpdebate from web

suzannekart Sarah: Yes, that's what Jews like: Fundamentalist Christians. #current from web

jeffkart #current its sickening to see palin try to act like she knows about foreign policy or anything but mooseburger. from web

suzannekart Sarah - What do you think of the Bush doctrine? Let me rephrase: Have you found out what the Bush doctrine is? #current from web

suzannekart Joe: It's time to take out Sarah. Quite being such a gentleman. #current from web

suzannekart Joe: It's time to take out Sarah. Quite being such a gentleman. #current from web

jeffkart #current oooh. now were in foreign policy territory. bring it biden! make her look stoopid. from web

suzannekart Palin - women's rights? Yeah, unless it's a right to choose. #current from web

lruettimann Oh she had a very good convesation with Kissinger. Wink wink. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current i think gwens questions suck. from web

suzannekart The Castro brothers? Are they one of those Nick at Night bands? #current from web

jeffkart #current cant allow folks to acquire nuclear energy? from web

timmmii I genuinely despise Sarah Palin. She makes me physically ill. from txt

jeffkart #current biden just promised an afghani attack. did you check with bush first? 9-11. from web

lruettimann DICK CHENEY. 9:44PM. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Most of those troops are like 18. When I was 18, I was trying to find someone to buy me beer. #current from web

suzannekart Most of those troops are like 18. When I was 18, I was trying to find someone to buy me beer. #current from web

suzannekart Most of those troops are like 18. When I was 18, I was trying to find someone to buy me beer. #current from web

jeffkart #current biden admits love for john mccain. but no gay marriage. from web

lruettimann Where's the intellectual honesty in Palin's answer on Iraq funding? Oh man. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current john mccain voted to cut off funding for the troops. 9-11. from web

suzannekart If you pull out the troops, there's not funding to cut off. #current from web

suzannekart We should never have gone to Iraq. Get our kids out NOW!!!! #current from web

lruettimann WHITE. FLAG. OF. SURRENDER? omg. don't even tell me she said that. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

lruettimann Or is it Err-Rack? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

lruettimann I want candidates who say things properly. Uh-RACK, not AYE-RACK. Am I wrong? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current clean coal is real. global warming is fake. just kidding. from web

chrisbrogan In the hallway of this hotel, I hear every tv listening to the debate from twitterrific

lruettimann Joe Biden's fake surprise face --> not good. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

timmmii Clean coal is complete bullshit from txt

jeffkart #current no gay marriage. jesus rode on dinosaurs. from web

jeffkart #current sarah is flubbing. from web

jeffkart #current coal with carbon sequestration and gasification is CLEANER. not clean. from web

suzannekart Obama/O'Biden '08 #current from web

jeffkart #current everyone drink when they say clean coal. from web

lruettimann NUKE U LAR 9:35PM #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Did she just call him Senator O'Biden? #current from web

suzannekart Drill baby drill. Disco inferno. from web

lruettimann Natural gas pipeline: FAIL #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current sarah says drill baby drill. that is so dirty. from web

suzannekart Hey, what's a little asthma when you can lower gas prices in 10 years? #current from web

suzannekart Joe: I like my air dirty dirty dirty. #current from web

jeffkart #current this is the best part so far. biden stands up. GW is manmade. If you don't understand it, you can't solve it. biden is on top. from web

lruettimann Good solid answer on climate change, Joe. Why aren't we calling it global warming, though? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Can someone say "light rail"? #current from web

jeffkart #current thank you joe. it is manmade. keep denying it, not talking about sarah. yeh! score one for biden. thank god. from web

jeffkart #current thank you joe. it is manmade. keep denying it, not talking about sarah. yeh! score one for biden. thank god. from web

suzannekart Oh I believe you, Sarah. Oh, and evolution is just scientific hocus focus. #current from web

lshevock Silence from txt

jeffkart #current sarah, if dinosaurs were only here 3,000 yrs ago, how did they turn into oil? from web

jeffkart #current i dont want to talk about the causes of CC. that was the question! from web

lruettimann There is something to be said for cyclical temperature changes. And Jesus. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current she hasnt read the ipcc report. dummy. from web

jeffkart #current climate change! from web

timmmii Watching the debate in a recording studio at Pyramind, where the Get Connected Summit mixer is happening. surreal. from txt

jeffkart #current hey sarah, do you support coal power? clean coal cough cough from web

suzannekart Yeah, let's drill more in Alaska! Environment Shminvironment. You go Sarah. I didn't like fresh air anyway! #current from web

jeffkart #current drill baby drill. shes trying to get people to clap. ANWR!!! from web

lruettimann Oh no, don't get Joe talking about bankruptcy. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

meanttolive Please explain to me why my ipod connects to the Internet and my Mac does not. . . from mobile web

jeffkart #current when is she going to talk about mccain being in NAM? from web

lruettimann Mainstreeters --> the new Senate acapella band? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart @rosyblue - he does look quite smooth. Smoother than Palin - boo ya! #current from web in reply to rosyblue

jeffkart #current how about some gotchas. pregnancy. bidens plagiarism. rev. wright. from web

lruettimann REAR THE HEAD!! #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current legislative bill questions gwen? from web

suzannekart @jeffkart - I want to see them in a girl fight. from web in reply to jeffkart

lruettimann @suzannekart The eyebrows are unfortunate. #vpdebate from TweetDeck in reply to suzannekart

jeffkart #current i really want to hear them talk about their plans, not just batter each other. from web

suzannekart Is it just me, but does Biden kind of look like the head vampire? Or maybe J.R. Ewing. It's the eyebrows. #current from web

jeffkart #current ok. palin says she has five weeks experience. lub dub lub dub. from web

lshevock Is Sarah answering the ques? from txt

suzannekart Anyone playing Palin Bingo? #current from web

suzannekart Ya Margie. from web

jeffkart #current when is she going to say wasilla?!?! from web

lruettimann "I had to take on those oil companies and tell them, 'Give my husband a better job so he can fish during the summer'." #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Sarah Palin says, "I'm tough like a hockey player!" #current from web

suzannekart Sarah Palin says, "Obama is a liar!" #current from web

jeffkart #current she is totally using cheat sheets from web

lshevock Snickerdoodles from txt

lruettimann Wait? What kind of weird snarky reference was that? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Joe needs to take her down. Now. Why not ask about the Couric interview? Or quote Tina Fey. from web

suzannekart What's the nickname for Sarah - is it Sally? #current from web

jeffkart #current oooh bridge to nowhere. gwen has questions she wants answered: will you buy my barack book that comes out on inaug. day? from web

lruettimann Good description of the healthcare issue, Joe. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart @jeffkart - but no gimp hand from web in reply to jeffkart

jeffkart #current oooh biden has a pen like bob dole. bob dole has a pen. from web

suzannekart @lshevock - your hair is so much better than Sarah's from web in reply to lshevock

lruettimann SCRANTON 9:19 PM. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

lshevock Need 2 get separated bangs. Wispy chunks from txt

jeffkart #current shes doin pretty good. hope mccains heart keeps tickin from web

suzannekart @jeffkart - tag team debating! I want to see Barack put Sarah in a headlock. Now that's television! #current from web in reply to jeffkart

lruettimann Joe would be wise to link the Federal gov't recent performance to Bush & McCain. STAT. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Does Sarah bake cookies? #current from web

lruettimann She knows how to work a camera. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current i want to see barack and john walk in and all four of them go at it. from web

lshevock She reading an outline from txt

suzannekart YEah, Joe. I'm middle class. I want some money. Lots and lots of money. #current from web

jeffkart #current biden loves to say middle class. middle class. from web

jeffkart #current im having a hard time listening and being witty from web

dbrowell Now u all drink every time she says "maverick" while I'm driving home and we'll see how drunk u are in 30 minutes #vpdebate from Brightkite

suzannekart I think Gwen is going to bitch slap Sarah #current from web

lshevock Tru dat.

jeffkart #current shes a maverick. "i will not follow your format gwen!" from web

lruettimann 9:14 MAYOR AND GOVERNOR. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Booo-yah Joe! #current from web

redpepper9 I think the bags under my eyes mirror those of Biden's. from web

jeffkart #current looks like palin has been studying in her igloo from web

suzannekart But Sarah, John voted with George 90% of the time! Don't you watch Barack's commercials? #current from web

dbrowell How can u have a "team of mavericks"??? #vpdebate from Brightkite

lruettimann OMG, Joey Danko. Chris Matthews just nuts with the ethnic name. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Do you think Palin can read? #current from web

jeffkart #current oh my god. joe biden pumps his own gas?! from web

jeffkart @redpepper9 tweet with us! from web in reply to redpepper9

lruettimann If you have the word literally, you are already drunk. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current never again palin says. does she want us to vote for obama?! from web

redpepper9 You guys need a chat room from web

suzannekart Joe Six Pack? Did he go to Edsel? from web

jeffkart #current yay. im joe six pack. look at my belly. from web

lruettimann Joe Sixpack. 9:10PM. DRINK IT. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current how many houses does mccain own? from web

lshevock New do sarah from txt

jeffkart #current nice butt shot o' palin from web

dbrowell #vpdebate gott aget my bag and get home... more soon! from web

lruettimann "I respect your years in the US Senate." --> you old man. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

mmmoran are his eyes open??? from web

suzannekart Git down to git business - git her done Sarah! #current from web

mmmoran Bad hair, bad teal quilted jacket...... from web

jeffkart #current git r done palin sez from web

lruettimann Did Palin just wink @ the camera? #vpdebate from TweetDeck

jeffkart #current its annoying that my dvr is behind the live broadcast. grrr. from web

lruettimann Fundamentals of the economy are strong. 9:07PM. Nice. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart @redpepper9 - She sprung for a barrette. from web in reply to redpepper9

lshevock Soccer from txt

jeffkart #current shrink this gap gwen sez. sexual! from web

lruettimann Schwoo. First exchange is done. #vpdebate from TweetDeck

suzannekart Ya Margie. #current from web

suzannekart She sounds like that chick in the movie Fargo. #current from web

jeffkart #current she doesnt look as hot tonight. boo! from web

chrisbrogan Beautiful. @glendawh is beautiful. from web

redpepper9 Where is Palin's per usual banana clip? from web

suzannekart I Betcha Sarah! #current from web

lruettimann 9:05 First use of BETCHA #vpdebate from TweetDeck

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