Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Xers shop online, yet still don't care about your marketing strategy

A new study by the Pew Internet and American Life project shows that three-quarters of Gen X women shop online. However, despite the large amount of Xers in cyberspace, they are still a tricky demographic to target, according to Unlike Gen Y, who use the Internet mostly for entertainment, Gen X uses the Internet as a resource for information. Therefore, they want your information, not your marketing messages.

Here's an idea: Give Xers the information they want about your product - and if it's something that meets their needs they will buy it. I know, marketing can be such a tough thing to master.


Anonymous said...

The Internet also is good for watching funny videos.

Anonymous said...

I agree, as a Gen Xer myself, If a marketer wants to sell to me. There information or message needs to be quick, to the point and their product better make my life easier or give me more independence by using it. If it does and I will buy it without regard to brand loyalty.