Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Does eating Froot Loops make you immature?

What's clear here: Some people just don't get it.

Are Gen X men refusing to grow up - or are they just more active fathers? I would argue the latter.

Smoking a pipe, sipping scotch, and wearing matching pajamas does not a grown up make. Although it is true that Xers are reaching middle age later than previous generations, a bowl of cereal does not determine your level of maturity. In fact, some people argue that Gen Xers' alternative approach to adulthood is actually what will "save the world."


Anonymous said...

I agree, it makes them better fathers! my husband is the biggest kid of all and I love it. It doesn't mean that he is irresponsible, it means he loves kids and loves to play with kids.

Le said...

I agree too - we will save the world ... one comic book at a time :) or in our case thru one blog at a time ... cheers le

Unknown said...

I will NEVER grow up then, because there is no way I'm giving up my Fruit Loops (and they're made with whole grain now!)

My husband just turned 40, and I'll be 31 in January. It's weird because I know we're not following the "standard" route, but it's what we're comfortable doing, and it'll pay off eventually.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

Did you see Junkdrawer's post with all the CountChocula, Frankenberry boxes. Cereal was big entertainment as a kid.

Jennifer K said...

I ate Corn Pops back in the 1970s when they were called by their less politically correct name, Sugar Pops.

But what does it say about me that I like to eat left over Chinese food for breakfast?